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input from me to my friend the photographer.

remember, what you see in your life is the raw footage.
what you see of everyone else’s is their highlight reel.

from what i can tell, everyone that has had you do their photography has loved the results, and they are the ones that matter.

i know a *lot* of professional level photographers.
two of them will tell you point blank they aren’t.
i disagree of course, but you cannot make someone believe in themselves.

one of them took my profile picture.

i have lost a lot of “friends” because i quit making and taking excuses for full grown adults, and i quit letting stupid slide.
it does make life a lot quieter though. 🙂

it’s demoralizing when you lose someone as a friend because you’re tired of their horribly behaved children, their constant self inflicted crisis-of-the-week, their lying, cheating, stealing, drama, whatever. actions have consequences.

if someone steals from, and lies to, the person that always had their back, and they stop, that’s the consequence.

you know what the consequences of being a bad photographer are?
people don’t pay you to take pictures.

that’s it.

100 good books on the subject and 10,000 hours of practice, and it’s really really hard to suck at whatever it is your trying to learn.

you have an eye for it.
so that gets you farther, faster.
some people may say it’s a waste of time.

but it’s *your* life. not theirs.
your two billion seconds.

as long as you’re making your own way, (and not living on the charity of others), your kids are reasonably clean, reasonably well fed, vaccinated, not dressed in rags, are being educated to the highest standard you can afford, and you are not bending the law too much, it’s none of anyone else’s business what you are doing with your life.

in many cases, you can just consider the source.
*no one* in your family tree has their own houses in order to. on any level, be giving you advice on anything, period, ever.

someone told me i was lucky the other day, because i had managed to convince a self rescuing princess i was worth keeping.

… think that through for a bit, then ask yourself if it was actually luck or not.

following my “hand up not hand out” policy, i’m going to ask every photographer i know what the best book on the subject is.

i am going to then buy it for you.

your side of this agreement is that you will read it cover to cover, and spend a year digesting it as time permits.
104 hours putting what you learned to use.

that’s 2 hours a weekend for a year.

on the subject of “beth” … (kiss, 1976)

the statement was: “Auntie Luaithrend’s question of the day (inspired by an earworm started by a very annoying commercial): when the band KISS recorded the song “Beth,” which was a mega-hit and went to #1 on the charts, was that a total sell-out or was it genius-level marketing? Discuss!

my reply was: while it may . . . → Read More: on the subject of “beth” … (kiss, 1976)

Motörhead – johnny b goode (letterman, ’91)

man, some of the stuff i find in the vault, lol.

occasionally, you’d see paul shaffer (the leader of david letterman’s house band) do a bit of rockin’…

but never like this… just add motörhead, and a couple chuck berry classics, and damn, can this man jam. 🙂

he’s on the keyboards:

the lyrics . . . → Read More: Motörhead – johnny b goode (letterman, ’91)

today is a hard day for me…

today is a hard day for me.

always, it’s a 42 minute moment of silence and remembrance.

sometimes, i take solace in the fact that lady liberty wears size 879 combat boots.

… today however, as i watched the second most famous eight-in-hand in the world roll across the brooklyn bridge, it reminded me of . . . → Read More: today is a hard day for me…

You like her message so you edit it?

sylverstone.com – still not asking for it

sometimes things just bug the crap out of me. this image is an example.

note that i *absolutely* agree with *her* statement, it’s message, and anyone who doesn’t like it, well, tough. i hope you die in a fire.

*her* message is not why this image annoys . . . → Read More: You like her message so you edit it?

applebees v.s. the internet (starring “pastor” aloise bell as the villan)

*howling with laughter* so i’m sitting here watching the internet v.s. applebees. starring: “pastor” alois bell as the villain.

so a pastor walks into a cheap crappy restaurant… yeah, i can’t finish the joke.

so apparently, ms bell hit applebees after her and the congregation of her church (total membership: 15) finished services at . . . → Read More: applebees v.s. the internet (starring “pastor” aloise bell as the villan)

R.I.P. Neil Alden Armstrong (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012)

Fair winds and swift journeys Neil.

Being born in the shadow of your greatest achievement (and of mankind to date) played no small part in making me the man I am today. Thank you. -stone

Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland

the bitterly cold wind from the great northern ice whistles through the rigging, as the mighty warship sylver hammer pulls at her anchor…

‘stone sighs, looks to lieutenant antares, and his face tells the story.

the fleet, standing post far north of their usual seas, no longer has reason to be here. having witnessed the . . . → Read More: Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland

people are awesome

Almost everything about a human creature is ridiculous, except it’s ability to suffer bravely, and die gallantly, for whatever it loves and believes in.

The validity of that belief, the appropriateness of that love, is irrelevant; it is the bravery and the gallantry that count.

These are uniquely human qualities…


a moment of silence…

as my 42 minutes of silence (8:46 am – 10:28 am september 11) comes to a close, i am thankful.

this image:

never forget.

says it all for me today.


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