Caris the Gypsy – 12v generator – engine selection

so… my dear friends caris and audrey from Art Thou Glorious? are living a life that, frankly, i’m a bit jealous of.

they get to travel and go wherever they like.

so last year we did some pretty serious changes to their castle, (moving the batteries dead center under the floor and over the axles, redoing the kitchen, etc.) while sitting in the girls driveway…

… and one of the things we discovered is that, between the cold gray skies and the refrigeration, the solar panels just aren’t keeping up in the winter, so we needed a way to create 14.4 volts at a high current flow, fairly inexpensively and quietly…

the honda 3000eis generators i love so much only do 12 amps…

i’m thinkin’ more like 95…

… so of course i have an answer (quit laughing, i’m not always wrong πŸ™‚ …

so i’m building a 12 volt generator to rapidly, and quietly, recharge the bank of trojan deep cycle batteries they have under their castle…

without further ado…

this particular flight of fancy is brought to you by kawasaki, napa, and the number “haxor”. πŸ™‚

the power plant is a kawasaki forced air-cooled, 4-cycle, vertical shaft, overhead valve’d bit of kit that came out of the industrial equipment catalog…

cylinders: 1 (cast iron cylinder liner and chrome piston rings
bore x stroke: 2.6 x 2.1 in (65 x 54 mm)
displacement: 179cc (10.9 cu. in.)
compression ratio: 8.5:1
maximum power: 6.0 hp (4.5 kW) / 3600 rpm
maximum torque: 8.7 ft. lbs. (11.8 Nβ€’m) / 2400 rpm
fuel capacity: 1.9 U.S. qt. (1.8 liter) standard
oil capacity: 0.6 US qt (0.6 liter) w/filter

forced lubrication with oil pump
electronic spark ignition
automatic compression release
dual element air cleaner
internally vented carburetor
combined crankcase design
large sealed fan

here’s a couple pics of the important bits:

the easy spark plug access, multiple mounting point base, industrial crankshaft, easy access valve cover, etc.

and here is the low tone exhaust (we’re going to have to do something better, it’s not quiet enough) and the electric starter:

i thought the crankcase heatsinks:

were a nice touch, as was the air prefilter:

and air filter:

assemblies (although a velocity stack would be kinda neat πŸ™‚

this did not come with an oil filter kit, although it has provisions for one, shown here: (yes, they forgot to send us one of the bolts):

basically, you remove a plate on the side of the crankcase, and bolt this to it like so:

and put the filter on it like so:

and then reroute the fuel fill line like so:

more as i get the time, i need sleep.


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