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Caris the Gypsy – 12v Generator – The Box

the 12v generator project was originally intended for the castle, but circumstances changed and it was decided that it would be better to install it in the bus…

of course, all the interior space was already accounted for, so an external enclosure was needed.

so i start in on the box…

yes, more salvaged bed frame. light, strong, cheap.

(pretentious art picture for the win 🙂 )

i tend to error on the side of “make the right part for the job, and weld it” instead of “cobble together to save production time”…

simply because there is nothing that will last longer than a temporary fix, and if you’re going to spend your life with something, you only want to build it once…

more welding…

and here i start jigging the top of the box together…

it’s designed to open like a clamshell, the front of the box, and the top, all fold out of the way for maintenance…

like so. 🙂

the hinges welded on the sides are there to keep the box closed in a manner that will prevent it from accidentally coming open (you need a mallet and a punch to pull the pins out)

and here we go with the bottom of the box put together.

the weather stripping is silicone, to deal with heat better, and the engine is electric start, so once we cobble some circuits together, you won’t have to get into the box except for maintenance…

the alternator won’t charge until a switch is flipped, so it starts easy. (no load on it till it’s spun up to running rpm, which we have set to the torque peak, which is 2800 rpm, so it should last a long time.

this enclosure was then bolted to the back of the bus, directly below the back window, to charge the batteries when the sun isn’t out.

this was all a mad dash build, as we were a couple months behind schedule (no fault of ours) which is why you see a lot of “working in the dark” pictures here..

to be continued…

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