Caris the Gypsy – The Bus – Air ride

… so one of the main reasons i thought this bus was a good choice is the automatic air ride… 🙂

but the compressor that runs it was stolen sometime in the past, so it rides like a jeep. 🙁

so caris called champion bus co and they want 800 bucks for a replacement and won’t tell us what it is.

… dream on.

so i hook my ratty home compressor to it, hook my honda generator to that, and sent caris to randy’s ring and pinion to get a detroit locker installed in the dana 80 hd rear end that’s under it. with the open diff that was in it, he’d be lucky to get out of the driveway…

in the meantime, i start researching what will work and what won’t…

i settled on the viair 450c because of it’s 100% duty cycle @ 100 psi, and a lot of good experiences with this compressor…

so it shows up broken…

but at least i can start building out the air system…

this pile of parts quickly turns into…

an air manifold that does multiple duties.

1) air input (to air up the bus with the shop compressor if needed) with a valve to keep it closed.
2) air output (yes, you can run air tools off the bus, anywhere 🙂
3) air pressure shutoff switch (compressor turns on at 95 psi, turns off at 120psi)
4) pressure gauge so i can see what it’s doing
5) air connection to air tanks (which then feed the level and ride height valves)

and 50 feet of air line…

and temporarily hooked up to shop air…

so i then give the big list to caris for his summit racing order…

to be continued…

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