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Caris the Gypsy – The Bus – Autometer Gauges

so caris, my fleet jeweler, was back in town hang out for a bit…

of course, this means more work on the bus… 🙂

so, with the burning man festival on the horizon, we got to work…

step one, a rack of gauges to keep an eye on the vitals…

being very fond of the autometer sport comp gauges from back in my racing days,

i chose them for this build as well.

i was rather disappointed when i found out that autometer apparently does not make a sport comp differential temp gauge in 2 5/8″…

we decided we would rather have them all the same, so we went with the 2 1/6″ as our gauge size, and went from there.

(1) autometer sport comp #3349 electric differential temp gauge:

(1) autometer sport comp #3351 mechanical transmission temp gauge:

(1) autometer sport comp #3332 mechanical coolant temp gauge:

(1) autometer sport comp #3341 mechanical oil temp gauge:

(1) autometer sport comp #3321 mechanical oil pressure gauge:

the “a” pillar gauge pod is an autometer.

before i forget, if you intend on doing this kind of installation, save your coin and use abs plastic pipe and a hot melt glue gun. (i’m not happy with the quality control on this piece)

anyway, moving right along… so first, i had to trim the gauge pillar to fit, and then, since the bus is going to be upholstered, i used a hot melt glue gun to fasten the pillar to the original one:


and now you can see why if i have to do this again i’m just going to scratch build it.


then i installed the gauges in the pods…


and the pod into the bus…


mechanical gauges have a capillary tube between the gauge and the sender…

and while they are more accurate(sometimes much more) they are kind of a pain in the butt to install, because the senders are big and you need to be careful with the lines…

here’s the pods where they belong… note that this is during the “warm it up and check for leaks” test…


*just in from caris*

southbound interstate 5, highballin’ for burning man…


transmission temp 170

water temp 190

oil temp 200

not bad for a 7.3 liter turbo diesel in a 14,000 lb bus.

i think it has a 190 degree thermostat in it, which makes those numbers pretty much “as expected”…
of course, mounting the gauges was the easy part…

then i had to route all those senders… in the dark…
the water temperature sender was a pain in the butt…


took me half an hour to thread that in there, due to the clearances being so tight.

i could get my arm in there, but i could only use my fingertips… 🙁

there really wasn’t a good way to mount the oil temperature sender into the engine block, so i mounted it on the remote oil filter block adapter…

you can see the oil pressure sender above and to the right of it…


the transmission temperature sender had nowhere to go, so i removed the plastic splice in the transmission cooler line… (plastic? in this application? really? and replaced it with a brass “t” and a few other bits…


so by now our more eagle eyed readers have noted that we finally got around to installing the remote filters, the permacool oil cooler, and the gauges mentioned in
modern day gypsy, v.003

the oil cooler is sandwiched between the air conditioning condenser, and the radiator, on the right side (the rapid cool transmission cooler is in the center, and depending on burning man, we may add a second oil or transmission cooler on the right side…)

the remote filters are mounted above the bottom of the frame rails,between the drivers door step and the frame, where they are very easy to get to, but are out of harms way…


this should make oil changes (4 gallons!) easy, and help to keep things cool in the black rock desert…

to be continued…

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1 comment to Caris the Gypsy – The Bus – Autometer Gauges

  • avatar Fleet Engineer

    If i wasn’t so flat broke all the time these days and could justify the expense, i’d love to get the pillar gauges set up the the Truck. [it’s a big truck that’s why it gets capitalized :)]

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