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Caris the Gypsy – The Bus – First Look

or, a modern day gypsy caravan for the wastelands…

and ya’ll thought i wasn’t doing much… >:)

so the fleet jeweler (caris the gypsy)
and the fleet bling mistress (captain tempestra de la bling)

spent the lions share of the summer landed in the bowl at summerset…

sometimes i really should keep quiet when someone asks me how i would do something πŸ™‚

… so once upon a time, i had advised caris that he needed to buy a bus to tow his castle with…

what he settled on wasn’t what i had in mind, but i had a summer job once, so i can handle this… πŸ™‚

so after him and i spent a day looking at high mileage rigs people wanted way too much for, and thrashed hippie rigs with poorly thought out veggie oil conversions (that they also wanted way too much for) i remembered a place that had a rig i wanted to buy once…

so we hit paydirt in fife, and caris bought himself a ’97 ford superduty access bus:

7.3 litre turbo diesel for the win πŸ™‚

i’ve never liked asymmetrical vehicles… i mean, really… i literally burst out laughing the first time i saw one of these:

(it’s a nissan cube)

ugh. at least the bus has potential…

the rig has very poor ground clearance, (sits too low, and the steps and underbody storage make it worse) not only that, but it only has one front seat πŸ™

but it’s a solid runner, and the price was right.

i can fix this.

i can turn it into a house on wheels that 101 would love…

it’s a lot roomier than a van, but nothing like my warbusaur…

(for those of you who are playing the “sylverstone has an intimate relationship with the word overkill” home game, yes, that’s my 1956 greyhound super scenicruiser parked next to it …)

i love emergency exits πŸ™‚

see what i mean by low?

lots of space inside though…

handicapped lift is going to have to go… (man that’s heavy, i’m glad fayd pulled it out, i try not to lift things that weigh more than me πŸ™‚

and for thermal stability and efficiency we’re going to have to cover up a few of those windows…

to be continued…

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