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Caris the Gypsy – The Bus – Installing The Bed

and then, on to the bed…

so the plan for this is to have the desk at the very back of the bus, and just deep enough for 3 lcd monitors (caris is a “1337 c0d3 h4x0r”)… the bed directly in front of it, and set up so that the bed can be raised up out of the way when he’s not in it.

so we started with building the lift platform…

welding in 4 vertical supports with stops, to hold it in one place (both side to side, and off the floor)

and a bit of magical pulley…

and cable…

and winch

arrangement, and a lot of welding…

and it now goes up and down with both myself, and the fleet engineer sitting on it.

actually, that’s a 2,000 lb winch, so it’s perfectly capable of breaking the entire thing if he’s not careful…

(this entire project has a red light warranty anyway… first red light, and the warranty expires (be that brake lights, traffic lights, or whore house) >:)

so with that out of the way, on to messier things…
to be continued…

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