Caris the Gypsy – The Bus – Passenger Seat Space

one of the things that annoys me about the bus is that there is no room for a passenger seat…
there is a vertical steel bulkhead in the way…


it’s kinda structural, but kinda not, and it’s really hard to tell what’s going to happen if i just cut it out… (i’ll be putting in a new one that’s not as “passenger space” intrusive, but i have to get the old one out first…)

so with a little (okay a lot) of angle grinder work, it’s apparent that this is not structural when the bus is not moving…

and it looks like i can make a new brace before we pull the old one out… (yay!)

so here’s part of it welded into place. i can’t seem to find the good pictures of this… sorry :/

to be continued…

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