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Caris the Gypsy – The Castle – Leaf Spring Repairs

so we get over to the fleet engineer’s place with the bus and the castle…

and find out the castle has a broken leaf spring (i went looking for it when i realized it was leaning hard to the left) the inside of the break was very rusty, so it happened sometime before the “adventure in the yard” thing..

so here’s the culprit… drivers side front.

i do some scrounging and come up with

out of my “excess stuff i haven’t built something out of yet” pile…
it’s a boat trailer axle that’s seen better days…

but the springs are rated higher than the ones on caris’ trailer, so we decide we’re going to pull them and use them on the front axle…

1,000 ft lbs of torque for the win…

and this, well, this image is called “things i learned from mishka”.  heh 🙂  no, i don’t recommend that you do this. we were out of angle grinder blades and it was about midnight, and caris had to leave in the morning.

if you don’t recognize what this is (please don’t give it away in the comments, but go ahead and message me privately if you know) then you absolutely fail gear head 101… (the object behind the rugs…)

i hate working in the gravel in the cold wet. ugh. anyway, here’s the new (to caris) springs installed… *way* heavier than what was in there… (3500lb instead of 1750)

remember the battery rack i mentioned in (building the palace… (part 0002))? well, here it is. allows for mounting 8 trojan deep cycles over the rear axle, keeping the weight low and centered. made a world of difference. 🙂

as you can see, it’s built like a tank, and at full suspension travel, it sits 1/4″ above the rear axle…

so then we decide to kick out one last thing before he leaves for the winter…
to be continued…

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