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the only thing better than a good loan shark…

is a good fence. 🙂

so this morning i walked down the hill and around capital lake (my daily routine)…

on the way home, i remembered i had a nice pile of cedar, courtesy of the fleet engineer…

so i dug some holes… 5 of them, 3 feet deep in the rocky soil across the back of my property…

then i placed some posts and poured some concrete… like so:

and then i started cutting up some 2×4’s and got out the screw gun and the level…

not even sure how i did it, but at some point i failed my roll for dodge…

it’s not nearly as bad as it looks. 🙂

so then i put in some verticals and it’s starting to shape up nicely…

and then i started in on the second piece…

and got all of the cross bracing in place… (this piece is different, because it is removable so i can get big stuff in and out of the back yard)

it looks kinda crooked at the moment, but there is actually a method to my madness…

those 2 posts are actually perfectly parallel, the camera angle makes it look weird.

maybe this image will explain it better…
(wanted privacy, didn’t want to deal with a gate right now)

and the finished product…

not bad for a day’s work 🙂

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