dew drop inn kitchen facelift part 003…

so between being sicker than a dog (spent most of mayfaire in my tent sleeping) my normal mundane business stuff, and happy distractions like the world rhythm festival, i haven’t had a whole lot of time to do the blog thing.

so, without further ado, i bring you a grate:

this was a spot i didn’t get a chance to finish when we originally built the trailer, and i’m glad i didn’t, since we have had several events that we packed down so wet that we had literally 40-50 gallons of water in the trailer.

so a big drain:

isn’t a bad thing 🙂

we had a few nervous moments at hortings hideout, with the size of the drop from the back wing to the ground (we were level, on a hillside that was far from it) so we figured it would be a good idea to add some tiedowns for the sink cart, and the freezers…

… but now that you mention it, i’d been wanting a freezer cart for a while… (those little wheels on the bottoms were never intended for what we do with this) so here’s the freezer cart:

the center grate is for a wastebasket, to collect all the crumbs and such from loading chicken nuggets into the frybaskets (they get the oil really dirty realy fast otherwise)

the back grating is to protect the back of the freezer (the heat exchanger primarily) from damage, and you can see the overkill casters in this pic. i salvaged them off a bunch of sun microsystems sparcserver 1000e servers i had in the scrap pile.

the clearances are tight, but i’m really happy with how this turned out. they’re argyle proof 🙂

in the above pic, chris is welding the frybasket hangers in place.

here is the finished product, complete with the anchor points welded on (salvaged from a set of heavy duty truck chains tuck snagged from the side of the highway) the anchor points sit over the tiedowns on the wing mentioned earlier, and overlap the ones on the sink cart.

so i really liked the way tucks trailer turned out, especially the back bumper…
so i bobbed the one on the kitchen trailer, and punched a bunch of holes in it for lights (mine are clear with red led’s, and my trailer requires more because it’s larger) i added an extra set of stop/tail lights for visibility’s sake, and roughed in the holes…

running out of time for mayfaire, i painted the bumper (holes are still roughed in) and ran with my magnetics again. note the spiffy new fold up steps i added to make getting in and out of the trailer with the wings up easier:

they work great, and they’re argyle proof:

when i designed this thing, the goal was to make it so i can set it up anywhere. so far it’s been set up on a steep slope, over a 6′ deep ditch, over a huge puddle, etc. a lot of time and thought went into the design, and i can’t help but change something that bugs me.

so those 8 legs that are a pain to mop around, under the deep fryers?

gonzo… 🙂

here’s the new fryer mount. it’s welded solid, and tacked into the trailer:

here’s chris welding the back brace to the fryer mount:

and welding the bottom of it….

the finish product (the silver square in the back is a frymaster deep fryer with the legs, front trim, and front door removed)

here’s the first fryer mounted:

and the finished product:

they worked great at mayfaire, and i must say i really like how they turned out.

so, the big top doesn’t work at every event, since there are many that it’s just plan too big for… so one 15 x 20 panther with a 10 x 20 dining fly later, and the problem appears to be solved, as we try it out for the first time at mayfaire:

looks pretty good all things considered…

i’m going to need to make some longer poles and do some repairs to it, but the crew loved it, so it’s a keeper 🙂 customers seemed to like it too, although some had a bit of a hard time finding us…

so far so good.

i’m not much of a photographer, but there was a few things that caught my eye, so i snapped a pic.

this one is a welding arc, being reflected off tucks sunglasses in the rain…

this one is the same welding arc through the windows of my car

this one is a shot of chris welding in the dark:

gotta love the rain…

and that’s where we’re at.
mayfaire was fun 🙂
well, what i got to see of it.

thanks to everyone who’s been worried about me.
i’m not dead yet 🙂


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