Paquette monkeys suck

the past week in my life, in detail: my friday (daily, 5 minute average)

right now (daily, 5 minute average):

right now (weekly, 30 minute average):

right now (monthly, 2 hour average):

right now (yearly, 1 day average):

*sigh* i need to sleep — end of line —

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— end of line —


— end of line —

this is just wrong…


(yes, that’s the dashboard of the space shuttle) >:) — end of line —

Fig Newton: The force required to accelerate a fig 39.37 inches/sec.

i am *so* going to hell for [this]… >:) — end of line —

how do you get even with the man who stole your woman? let him keep her…

heh : — end of line —