this is just wrong…


(yes, that’s the dashboard of the space shuttle) >:)
— end of line —

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5 comments to this is just wrong…

  • oh great….*waits for a phone call saying that we have to go buy more Sun monitors*

  • Why would the man who is also known as “The Alpha Tech Geek” think this be wrong? It is YOU, I tell ya. I can just see it now. Within the next few months you will have this,.. wait, no, you will have something even more spectacular in your limo-van, The War Wagon will become your monster! Muahahahahaha! *snickers*


  • Right or wrong it is very impressive. I just want to know what this is a picture of. (The current theory here in Ohio is split between a space shuttle and an air traffic controllers booth)

    I have heard about your set up luv, I bet R’s right, you will soon have one to rival this.

  • i edited the original post to say what it is..
    the name of the image is “what really happened”
    and, well, it’s the dash of the space shuttle…
    (with a very predominant blue screen of death)

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