go lemmings go! (fell for the onion did you?)

so this is a link to a blogger getting totally outraged about an article
at the onion, and treating it like it’s real.
graphic and disturbing image as a header:

the comment section was awesome, but it appears they removed it 🙁


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2 comments to go lemmings go! (fell for the onion did you?)

  • Okay, I’ll admit the Onion doesn’t proclaim on the front page that they are a satirical publication, but really, it’s saddening to see them quoted.

    • i think the whole thing is hilarious.

      but then, i’m a sysadmin, so i get things reported to the “internet police” all the time.

      but some know it all falling for the onion.com, bonsaikitten.com, etc, is always funny.
      it’s like a test. you fall for it you fail the internet 🙂
      — end of line —

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