script kiddies soup

Campbell Soup (NYSE:CPB), is scheduled to release a new product to their already popular alphabet soup lines. Script Kiddies Soup is a direct marketing ploy to attract the younger, cyber generation of the world.

Campbell soup is already a house hold name amongst mothers and on-the-go type families. Now we want to exploit the cyber generation with wholesome goodness and familiarity at the same time.

Script Kiddies will contain a form of hacker-Ebonics where E’s will be 3’s, I’s will be 1’s and so on. We also plan on including the symbol’s, #,$,%,@,!, and / within the cans, as well as a MOTD on the
inside label.
— end of line —


I am a maker. My favorite thing is adventure. I am restoring a 1956 greyhound scenicruiser to adventure in. I run the pd-4501 / scenicruiser registry. Stalk me: (Google Plus), (Facebook).

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  1. shadowpixie says:

    wow that is odd. yay for l33t that is gr8 lol

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