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A little madness now and then is relished by the wisest men.

so as i watch my home slowly materialize out of the chaos, i think back on what a long road it’s been.
moving here with no money, knowing no one, nothing but me, and my bike.

made a couple of close friends in the 10 years or so i’ve been here.

the place is finally starting to feel like home.

about damned time. 🙂

haven’t done much of interest lately.
i suppose that means i’m fairly content with my life.

i think back on all of the good times, and the bad, and i wonder what the world would be like…
if i had given up like i wanted to?

so many dark sleepless nights. :/

i’m glad i didn’t give up.
so many wins, so many losses, sometimes you just have to roll the dice and go with it.

spent most of today working a new inventory building for my new business venture i’m working on.
it’s cool, goes together like legos 🙂

other than that, not a whole lot has been going on with me lately. work, eat, repeat. sleep on sundays.

kinda in a weird mood tonight. i really should just go to bed and get some sleep.
— end of line —

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