applebees v.s. the internet (starring “pastor” aloise bell as the villan)


*howling with laughter*
so i’m sitting here watching the internet v.s. applebees.
starring: “pastor” alois bell as the villain.

so a pastor walks into a cheap crappy restaurant…
yeah, i can’t finish the joke.

so apparently, ms bell hit applebees after her and the congregation of her church (total membership: 15) finished services at the church she founded, and the following ensued:

– compliment the waitress repeatedly on her service.
– when the check arrives:
– notes the 18% mandatory gratuity on parties over 20, requests individual checks.
– individual checks still contain the gratuity.
– cross out mandatory gratuity on all checks but one.
– pay them one at a time at the register.
– the last one being the one displayed above.

for those of you unaware, she scrawled “I give god 10%, why do you get 18?” on it, and signed it “pastor” alois bell.

note that most wait staff get paid $2.13 an hour, and live off their tips, which they have to pay taxes on even if they don’t get them.

– waitress shows it to friend she works with.
– friend / server she works with (chelsea welch) posts it to reddit.
– the mocking of “pastor” bell begins.
– “pastor” bell gets informed she’s “viral” by a friend.
– “pastor” bell demands that the manager and everyone working that shift be fired.
– applebees fires chelsea.
– chelsea posts this to reddit as well.
– the internet explodes.
– “pastor” bell starts trying to cover her butt, and fails miserably at it.
– applebees management makes several stupid comments.
– applebees twitter explodes with cries of foul.
– applebees facebook explodes with thousands of posts crying foul.
– applebees pr department handles this situation poorly.
– worse than the westboro baptist church would. (at least they tip)
– bus boy debunks “pastor” bell’s claim she left a 6 dollar cash tip.
– christians start defending themselves. (though no one blames them for this woman’s behavior, we know it’s not indicative)
– applebees corporate webserver dies.
(presumably under the load created by their comment form).

i’ll just leave this here:
“each day you will pay the worker his wages before the sun sets, for he is poor and his life depends on it. otherwise, he cry out your injustice to god, and you will be guilty.” deuteronomy 24:15


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