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day 6…

hrishi is still missing.

i’m beginning to fear the worst.

the feeling of helplessness is not one i deal with well.

we reverse engineered the sms pager system he’d built for us to contact him, and called the cell phone that he uses to connect to the net with, on the 24th.

27 hours later we received a short, very grim message in irc.

i’m still kicking myself that i was here, but away from the console.

i missed him by 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

it’s next to impossible to get any information out of india. between technical issues (their phone system and power systems and internet connections) being horribly unreliable, to the environment being inhospitable, it is unlikely that i can do anymore from here. i’ve pulled in a substantial number of favors, all to no avail.

you can only do so much on the phone, *especially* when the people on the other end don’t speak my language very well.

both of the numbers i have for him are dead ends.

the first one i managed to get through a long chain of international social engineering
(talked my bank teller into talking someone at chase manhattan into asking his bank for it, claiming a problem with a wire transfer.)

not useful, as it rings as a fault in the line. (in the states it would be a fast busy) with no changes. i think it’s defunct.

i did manage to produce a street address, but i believe it predates me buying him a house last christmas, and they really don’t have a “forwarding address” system over there, so it’s going to take legwork. the local private investigation companies don’t seem to be interested at all, in fact appearing to be nothing more than a large hole to throw money into. (i can get there, spend a couple months searching, and get back, for less than the best quote i received)

the second number is a cell phone no one ever answers, but it *is* the same cellular uplink he’s been using for the past few months to stay online.
i believe it’s in the possession of someone close to him. he said in his message he didn’t have it.

i’m beginning to suspect some enemy action somewhere in the communication chain.

i don’t think the messages are being delivered, but i have no way of proving that.

i know his family wishes him to be a doctor or a lawyer or something “respectable” …

my hands are tied here. i hate feeling helpless.

on the 27th i wired a substantial amount of cash to his bank account in mumbai to help with any essentials he may need until he gets through this.

his bank says it’s his account, so it should get to him. i’m hoping he gets the message that we’re doing what we can, and ignores any poison that may be being verbally delivered.

hadn’t slept in days until last night, although i can’t really say that 4 hours of sleep was terribly useful.

this isn’t the first time tragedy has struck one of my friends, but this is by far and above the worst on the “i’m helpless to do anything” scale.

azrayel is back for the duration, and very very necessary, handling things with her usual skill. thank you hon, you have no idea what it means to me.

i’m not sure what to do now.

hrishi and his mother were very close from what i understand, and i can’t get myself into his shoes on this mentally. (my relationship with my mother is.. how shall we say, interesting) … i just have visions of him holed up somewhere, unreachable by any normal means.

i’m not going to be able to sit with my hands tied much longer. i’m consumed with worry over this, and i need to act.

a manhunt in india is not very high on my “fun things to do” list, but it’s fast becoming the only option left to me.

my passport has been expired for years, and the homeland security crap has basically put a ton of obstacles in the way of any kind of speed on this.
my security clearance smoothed out a whole lot of it, but the timing still sucks.

ya know how, in the movies they say “i need to be on the next flight to wherever?” … you really don’t want to know what that costs.

called “uncle” for advice. he says he can get me and 3 others in without too much “adventure” as he put it. as his idea of “adventure” is playing tag with fighter planes while using the local flora and fauna as an obstacle course in an apache, i’m a bit concerned by this.

i’ll only be able to bring two with me if we want to bring him back with us.
we’ll see.

i’ve got one last thing to try first…
— end of line —

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