Key Bank Sucks

gah. so i’m right in the middle of setting up credit card processing for
last night it was all green… so today my cc processing company called me today and told me we couldn’t finish the setup because the account was closed…
i had just set up a new account with an attached dba ( and used that account to set up the cc processing, and it sure as hell worked fine when i made my deposit…

so i called my bank and asked them what was up…
“corporate closed the account”
“really? why?”
“because you failed the credit check”
“umm.. okay (not surprised, i have little use for credit, since i pay cash for everything)
“i have two accounts here already though…”
“those must have been set up before your credit went bad”
(very doubtful, it’s all old, and the accounts aren’t)
“well, can i attach the dba to my current account?”
“no, corporate said you can’t”
“umm.. okay, so i need to fix my credit first?”

looks like i’m switching banks again, cause this is bullshit.
i know what really happened here.
the branch manager wanted me to use their merchant processing setup, and i spent an hour in his office with my card guy on my cell (with my earpeice in) feeding me what to ask and all the info i needed to totally shoot them down… (my guy’s rates are *way* better) so i think he fucked me on the way out, and they want me to get a corporate checking account… which i would be fine with, but not until i’m doing *way* more business than i am.

oh, and they *didn’t call me and tell me* and *they mailed me my balance as a check*

so i went to a different bank, and set it up piece of cake, and we’ll be taking cc’s by the end of the week.

anyone know of someone who specializes in fixing credit?
i don’t have the time to mess with it myself.

other than that, things are going great (i couldn’t be better if i was twins)…
a couple new projects, the site is insanely busy, and it’s all going pretty well.

i’m even finally finishing my office 🙂

— end of line —


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2 Responses

  1. chaneecat says:


    Wow, sounds like you had a busy day with work. I never would have expected you to have to change banks the way you were happy with them. Who’d you go with?

    Miss you. Love you.


  2. rayce says:

    Hey Kevin. I had to reinstall my OS and was about to do some work on my site. Reinstalled CuteFTP Pro and got signed on but the only file I can see is the web folder which only has index.html in it. Nothing else. Did I screw up the log on and that is all you see if you log on wrong or is something else strange?

    I would have called you but it is saturday night and I’m sure you have better things to do then help me with this.

    If it is a problem with the logon could you email me that info to

    Thanks *hugs*

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