“Legolas” taken from the Latin, meaning “girl made of interlocking bricks.”

i’m really burned out on working on this !@#$%!@#$@# website…
— end of line —

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5 comments to “Legolas” taken from the Latin, meaning “girl made of interlocking bricks.”

  • So stop, pet!

    Do not let your passion become a stumbling block… you can play with your shiny toys later 🙂 Go read diaries.diagon.org (if you have not already) and have a nice giggle. And you will see, all is well once again for everyone’s fav Sylverstone 🙂 And tomorrow, or maybe Monday paganality.com will be waiting.

    And send me some articles to sort, or something. I am just about snowed in!

    • Re: So stop, pet!

      no problems sorting articles, i just need more articles submitted…

      anyway, i can’t quit, if i do i won’t start again, and, well, it’s almost done.
      — end of line —

      • Re: So stop, pet!

        Oh, I guess I misunderstood what the problem was *makes puzzled face* with the articles on paganality; but then I am wrong at least once a day. Had me worried since I been so clever all day long! But then you always were the one to set me straight when I needed it!

        Whatever would I do without you?

  • hey Luv…

    *snickers* That quote is just fabulous, hon.
    As I was saying before, you need a mini-vacation.
    You even said it yourself. You know you do.
    So take your own advice and go on one, Now, not later…
    I know you are on a roll and want to get it done,
    but going away from it for a weekend will not hurt.
    You are a much too devoted and determined an individual
    to stop in the middle of something so grand and not finish.
    I have faith in you. In this site. In your dream. In you.
    *hugs* *smooches*


  • In case if you check your email before your IRC channel, I messaged you… 😉
    Miss talking with you, and would love it if you would give me a call on the home phone line tonight, since my cell died. *Hugs*


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