love is always having someone to play video games with…

cd /home/paganality/magick/tarot/
./tarot personal_interaction
oracle loaded…
system online…
[oracle] verbosity?:> high
[oracle] expert mode?:> yes
[oracle] interactive mode?:> yes
[oracle] save to file?:> no
[oracle] think of your question child, then press enter.
[oracle] *shuffle* *shuffle* *shuffle*…
[oracle] *deal* *deal* *deal*…
[oracle] hmmm…
[oracle] -=-=-=-=-=-
[oracle] Your View of Your Partner
[oracle] The Hanged Man
[oracle] Spiritually wise and prophetic, the conquest of the worldly.
[oracle] -=-=-=-=-=-
[oracle] Your Partner’s View of You
[oracle] Four of Wands
[oracle] Work will be well done. Peace and harmony will be realized
[oracle] -=-=-=-=-=-
[oracle] Your Needs
[oracle] Page of Swords Reversed
[oracle] Expect the unexpected. Inane behavior may hamper you. Cunning may be called for.
[oracle] -=-=-=-=-=-
[oracle] Your Partner’s Needs
[oracle] Eight of Pentacles
[oracle] A time to learn the ways of an occupation. A viable venture may be beginning. Handling worldly affairs skillfully.
[oracle] -=-=-=-=-=-
[oracle] The Current State of Your Relationship
[oracle] Ace of Pentacles
[oracle] Prosperity, pleasure and beauty can be realized.
[oracle] -=-=-=-=-=-
[oracle] The Path You Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow
[oracle] Ace of Cups
[oracle] Love, joy, and contentment productiveness and fertility can be had.
[oracle] -=-=-=-=-=-
[oracle] The Path Your Partner Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow.
[oracle] The Chariot
[oracle] Victory and success in the world.
[oracle] -=-=-=-=-=-
[oracle] Aspects of Your Relationship to Consider
[oracle] The Eight of Wands
[oracle] Things done hastily will prove to be poorly done. Think and plan before setting crucial actions into motion.
[oracle] -=-=-=-=-=-
[oracle] The Outcome
[oracle] Knight of Cups
[oracle] Grace mixed with laziness. Preoccupation with sensual fantasies. Look for a message, opportunity or invitation.
[oracle] — end of line —

hail to the king baby 🙂
— end of line —

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