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Network Solutions can Lick my Balls.

yeah, so i’ve owned a lot of domain names for a long long time.. like some since the mid 90’s …

today i went to move the last two off of network solutions to my system (i own an isp, i can do domain registrations myself now)

so i make all the changes, and then i have to feed the authorization code and the domain into the open srs form.

no problem.

and then it wants an authorization code from network solutions.

what the fuck?


so i call them.

i spend 25 minutes on hold.

then they say i need to log in with my username and password.

what username and password?

the one associated with this domain name.

there isn’t one that i’m aware of…

well sir, we can’t help you unless you log in…

look lady, if you don’t give me the authorization code to the registered e mail address for this domain, i’m going to sue you *personally* and join every class action lawsuit against you guys i can find, and make a few of my own, okay? i never EVER authorized any of this, and you never sent me login information for this domain, or ay domain, *ever* so what makes you think i would have this information?

“i’m going to have to escalate you sir, one moment”

and from there on out it was “yes sir” but it still took 15 minutes.

yeah, i hope they bleed out and die.
— end of line —

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2 comments to Network Solutions can Lick my Balls.

  • I’ve found Register.com to be a bit more friendly, but I try to avoid messing with it at all if I can.

  • See why I always hated my job as a customer care service rep. to answer incoming calls? When the company you work for changes their “policies” the customer suffers as well as the reps. Although, it sounds like she wasn’t very helpful. Sorry you had to deal with that, hon. *hugs*


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