i’m speechless.
as i sit here absorbing the death of the woman who created one of my dearest friends,
i find that the vocabulary i have, and the education i have, are failing me miserably.

I have lit a single candle, that burns brightly in my window.

I’m sending what energy i can spare to hrishi, but i wish there
were more i could do.

rest in peace dear lady,

and hang in there my friend.
— end of line —


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3 Responses

  1. mels_hell says:


    I know a little about how you feel… held onto Nick as tightly as I could when his mom passed… Later, he told me that helping him to talk about her helped the most, along with lots of hugs…

  2. chaneecat says:


    I can only begin to understand what he must be
    going through, and hope with all my heart that
    he will be well. My thoughts and blessings are
    with him, now that you have let me know the sad
    news. I will also light a candle for him and his
    family for their loss. You will be there for him,
    as I know you. *big hugs* If ever you need a
    friend to lean on when you are worried for him,
    I am here for you, as always, hon. *smooches*


  3. ayeshadream says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that. I know you had been worried about him, and feared the worst.
    Loss is rarely easy, especially when the one you’d like to comfort is half a world away. Our web is often wider than we realize. Just as you’ve been there for me, if you or yours are in need just say the word. If there is anything I can do I’ll be there.

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