You like her message so you edit it?  - still not asking for it – still not asking for it

sometimes things just bug the crap out of me. this image is an example.

note that i *absolutely* agree with *her* statement, it’s message, and anyone who doesn’t like it, well, tough. i hope you die in a fire.

*her* message is not why this image annoys me. it annoys me because of the editing some busybody chose to do to it.

this young lady has a message, and the guts
(i almost said balls, which is just as true, she just carries them higher up than i do)
to very publicly do what most people are too chicken to do.

this image annoys me because it’s a lie, in the guise of truth.

this image is lying to you. instead of just letting the young lady’s message stand on it’s own, someone else is putting words in her mouth. hijacking her message.  - still not asking for it – still not asking for it

This is the original.
The message is much more powerful before some idiot thought they could make it “moar bettar” fucked with it.

I find it… pathetic that you chose to censor her life choices, to make her more palatable, to deliver a message about other people’s life choices.
(yes, raping someone is a choice)

(her raised hand, in the original, has a half smoked cigarette in it, very much not a prop, and very much edited out of the above photo to remove some judgement that may be directed at her)

so now we are committing a different crime against women to get our message about crimes against women across?


this young lady and her friends have absolutely no problem getting their message across.  - still not asking for it – still not asking for it  - still not asking for it – still not asking for it


no problem at all.
your editing is not helping, and is in fact doing nothing more than diluting the power of her original statement. knock it off.

one could argue that you raped her message to serve your needs.

just editing things and posting them on facebook is called slacktivism.
it does nothing.

get out and do something if you believe in it.
don’t change other people’s messages to fit your needs and expect them to do the heavy lifting for you.


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