Roger of Belden Abbey [FlagShip Officer] (Moral Compass)(Deceased)

curled up with his laptop in the back of the mighty antir war bus (a 1965 greyhound super scenicruiser) antir’s lord of admiralty is deep in thought.

the lonesome wail of a locomotive, the rumble of 15,000 horsepower as a freight train rumbles by the shop, destination unknown, a sad counterpoint to my thoughts of late.

gerhard, mishka, nicholas, maclean, redstone, julian, barak, karen lewis, and the list goes on…

and now roger.


i need not wish him a safe journey or pray for him, as anyone who knew the man knows his afterlife is fine…

… but i prayed for him anyway.

i want to be sad. (who am i kidding, i’m sad)
i want to be angry that he’s gone.

but as the man was responsible for more soda spewed on my monitor than anyone else, i think it would be a grave disservice to him to do anything but cheer him on as he takes this next step, and celebrate him, as best we can.

some of my fondest memories of roger were the random impossible things he’d throw out at me, completely serious like, just to see what i’d do.

things like this, posted to the steps:
From:”Roger of Belden Abbey”
To: Chairman of the Bored
Subject: [Steps][o/t; oop] Well, he’s done everything else [only partly in jest]

Dear Sylverstone,
Some people here on earth seem to think that our planet has a bit of a problem with global warming; would you mind taking a look at it?

bit of a tall order first thing in the morning…

or the randomness of this:

Hi Guy,
Did you ever get the fruit?

imagine my surprise when my mailbox people called and said i had a package of peaches.
individually wrapped, as delectable as the care given them. i have 3 left, after the one i am eating for breakfast now…
thank you!


when he sent me a box of the most amazing peaches.

i think he also may have been responsible for sending me a sequined mini skirt and heels too. *puzzled look*

he used to bring a smile to everyone’s face with the antics at belden abbey, like the time they were “robbed”…

At 10:12 AM 10/31/2006, roger scribbled:
Gentle Cousins,

It was horrible! 3 masked bandits came to our door, and have taken part of my stash of chocolate! The three were escorted by a parent, and actually she had to prompt the little bandits in the words of extortion; “Trick or Treat!” The tallest one even had the nerve to scare me half to death, with a blood-curdling “Boo!” I was going to call the police, but Guineth bade me not to; that woman has such a kind heart.

Thank goodness that’s over. I still have most of my stash of chocolate that Guineth bought for me. Oh, wait; someone’s at the door . . .

to be continued . . .

HL Father Roger, called the Redundant Roger; Abbot at Belden Abbey

My web site:
To go directly to the Good King Henry stories:

and, of course, the good king henry stories…

he occasionally even said some nice things about me:

And I have learned; do not ask something of Sylverstone that you really don’t want to have happen, for Sylverstone is a man who gets things done. – Roger of Belden Abbey

really made me feel good about myself in a dark time in my life…

of course, there’s the kinda things that happen when more than one legend is in the same tavern…

Gerhard Kendal> I can understand signing a waiver for such things
Gerhard Kendal> as heavy fighting, rapier fighting and marshaling;
Gerhard Kendal> those are potentially dangerous. But a revel????
Roger > An Tir, where Partying is SERIOUS business!

and him breaking up a fight with humor:

I mean, really, people; Lord Sylverstone or Master Aaron being rude to a fallen friend?
You’ll see me Irish step-dancing before that ever happened.
In a kilt.
In snow up to my armpits.
In summer.

and just plain weird:

Oh, yes, *GREAT* Idea!
I can just see the game: “My Sylverstone Captures your Knight!”
Roger, who always thought having two Bishops was redundant; change one to a Sylverstone instead!

a long conversation we had once ended with this:

Roger of Belden Abbey [FlagShip Officer] (Moral Compass)
Sister Guineth the White [FlagShip Officer] (Moral Compass)

as it was decided that we (the sylver sail armada) needed not one moral compass,
but two. (better take care of guineth, or god help you all)

one moment that will forever be etched in my memory is when roger and guineth showed
up, and the 50 or so fleet members around, (who had no idea who they were) got all
quiet, and someone ran and got me…

“i don’t know who they are, but they’re important!!!111!!one!!one!!eleventeen111!!”

quite the impression indeed… i thought commodore veltkin was going to wet himself

upon getting a description, i was puzzled, but put a bit of a hustle in my walk, and
walked into my place to find, resplendent in white, guineth and roger… they looked like angels.

or visiting royalty from somewhere that wouldn’t let us heathens past the front door…

i never disabused the fleet of their judgement…

because they both are very, very important to me.

the world is a darker place now.

i’ve missed him for a long time…
and will for a longer time yet to come.

*raises a glass in toast*
enjoy your new journey my friend.

for the rest of you, tell me your stories


I am a maker. My favorite thing is adventure. I am restoring a 1956 greyhound scenicruiser to adventure in. I run the pd-4501 / scenicruiser registry. Stalk me: (Google Plus), (Facebook).

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