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i though you’d be taller….

The soldier stood and faced God Which must always come to pass.

He hoped his shoes were shining Just as brightly as his brass.

Step forward now, you soldier, how shall I deal with you?

Have you always turned the other cheek? To My Church have you been true?

The soldier squared his shoulders And . . . → Read More: i though you’d be taller….

the apocalypse is here….

so i highlighted all the music video’s i downloaded last night, and set ’em up to play on my machine while i get ready to start my day.

been on an old school rock and roll binge lately. big drum sounds, lots of screamin’ guitars, you know the drill 🙂

anyway, so i’m firmly convinced . . . → Read More: the apocalypse is here….

In the words of Pandora, “I thought it was a box of chocolates.””

okay, so i was bored.

MM:::::8888M:::::::88::::::::8:::::888888:::M:::::M 8M:::::888MM::::::::8:::::::::::M::::8888::::M::::M 8M:::::88:M::::::::::8:::::::::::M:::8888::::::M::M 8MM:::888:M:::::::::::::::::::::::M:8888:::::::::M: 88M:::88::M:::::::::::::::::::::::MM:88::::::::::::M 88M:::88::M::::::::::*88*::::::::::M:88::::::::::::::M 88M:::88::M:::::::::88@@88:::::::::M::88::::::::::::::M 88MM::88::MM::::::::88@@88:::::::::M:::8::::::::::::::*8 88M:::8::MM:::::::::*88*::::::::::M:::::::::::::::::88@@ 88 MM::::::MM:::::::::::::::::::::MM:::::::::::::::::88@@ 888 M:::::::MM:::::::::::::::::::MM::M::::::::::::::::*8 88 MM:::::::MMM::::::::::::::::MM:::MM:::::::::::::::M 8 M::::::::MMMM:::::::::::MMMM:::::MM::::::::::::MM 88 MM:::::::::MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM::::::::MMM::::::::MMM 88 MM::::::::::::MMMMMMM::::::::::::::MMMMMMMMMM 88 8MM::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::MMMMMM 8 88MM::::::::::::::::::::::M:::M::::::::MM 888MM::::::::::::::::::MM::::::MM::::::MM 88888MM:::::::::::::::MMM:::::::mM:::::MM 888888MM:::::::::::::MMM:::::::::MMM:::M 88888888MM:::::::::::MMM:::::::::::MM:::M 88 8888888M:::::::::MMM::::::::::::::M:::M 8 888888 M:::::::MM:::::::::::::::::M:::M: 888888 M::::::M:::::::::::::::::::M:::MM 888888 M:::::M::::::::::::::::::::::::M:M 888888 M:::::M:::::::::@::::::::::::::M::M 88888 M::::::::::::::@@:::::::::::::::M::M 88888 M::::::::::::::@@@::::::::::::::::M::M 88888 M:::::::::::::::@@::::::::::::::::::M::M 88888 M:::::m::::::::::@::::::::::Mm:::::::M:::M 8888 M:::::M:::::::::::::::::::::::MM:::::::M:::M . . . → Read More: In the words of Pandora, “I thought it was a box of chocolates.””

“What’s your diagnonsense?”

so i woke up at 5 am this morning… the sky just getting light, the wind blowing gently through my open loft window… it was nice. (the computer equipment generates so much heat that it’s common to have the windows open here in the dead of winter)

things have been crazy. first there was the . . . → Read More: “What’s your diagnonsense?”

born to mack.

I love it! chaneecat just got a phone call from her ex, basically an fyi about my “behavior” at autumn war. you think all’y’all would have better things to do with your time.

I just felt i needed to comment here, since this is, well, kinda funny.

1) yes, i had 3 women at autumn . . . → Read More: born to mack.

sometimes my friends say the wisest things…

Don’t worry about the future. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 p.m. on some idle Tuesday. -Bailey

then gravity came down on him like a great soft hand with bones of ancient stone…

so we finally set up a paganality rc5 cracking team. mostly because i’m a geek, and i was supplying well over half of the blocks for the team i was on…, so it made sense to me.

i just had an old friend ask me if she could camp with us at events. i was . . . → Read More: then gravity came down on him like a great soft hand with bones of ancient stone…

so *you’re* sylverstone… i heard you were dead….

so apparently at guard wars this weekend someone was talking smack.

ultimately discussions about it devolved to:

*now has a scene from The Holy Grail stuck in her head* Sylverstone: I’m not dead! MORTICIAN: Here — he says he’s not dead! Majority of the populous: Yes, he is. Sylverstone: I’m not! MORTICIAN: He isn’t. Majority . . . → Read More: so *you’re* sylverstone… i heard you were dead….

When I was born I was so surprised I didn’t talk for a year and a half.

out of context quote “… Its the hard that makes it great. ” * with an evil grin at TopX >:) *


You put the whiskey in the water I’m gonna run off with your daughter And if I make it to the border I’m gonna be all right

some whiskey in the water . . . → Read More: When I was born I was so surprised I didn’t talk for a year and a half.

quizzes are stupid…

but this one caught my eye

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Alignment: Chaotic Good characters are independent types with a strong belief in the value of goodness. They have little use for governments and other forces of order, and will generally do their own things, without heed to such groups.

Race: Half-Elves are a cross between a human . . . → Read More: quizzes are stupid…

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