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Caris the Gypsy – 12v generator – engine selection

so… my dear friends caris and audrey from Art Thou Glorious? are living a life that, frankly, i’m a bit jealous of.

they get to travel and go wherever they like.

so last year we did some pretty serious changes to their castle, (moving the batteries dead center under the floor and over the axles, . . . → Read More: Caris the Gypsy – 12v generator – engine selection

building the palace… (part 009)

alternate title: “stealth millwork for the win…”

heh 🙂 so today, while the girl was at work, i snuck over to her house and installed the custom ordered window for her bedroom…

inside view:


now i just need to finish the trim, build the shelf, and then reinstall the air conditioner 🙂

. . . → Read More: building the palace… (part 009)

puget sound energy – tire chain fail

This pretty much had me speechless:

as you can see, the chains are for a much larger vehicle, and nothing is holding them on but pure luck… the sound of the chains beating the crap out of the truck reminded me of roman infantry as we slowly rolled forward.

i suspect that if we . . . → Read More: puget sound energy – tire chain fail

Snowpocalypse 2008

just a few pictures of the ‘hood for your viewing pleasure…

this is the street in front of my house… facing north:

facing south:

the pretty rock maple in my front yard:

next person that says “i wish we could have a white christmas” … club them like a baby seal for . . . → Read More: Snowpocalypse 2008

building the palace… (part 008)

alternate title: “covering up a thousand sins…”

so this installment has nothing to do with the palace i am building in the garage…

i couldn’t stand the smoke stains on the walls and ceiling (from the previous owners lack of upkeep or lack of ability to properly use a fireplace i have no idea) so . . . → Read More: building the palace… (part 008)

building the palace… (part 007)

alternate title: “i hate drywall”.

so things are coming along slowly, but they are indeed coming along. battery backup circuits are finished, and hot, so we have at least one circuit of power outlets that work.

(the other circuit has several outlets that need to be wired, but we can’t do them yet because of . . . → Read More: building the palace… (part 007)

Forty days and forty nights…

so i get this phone call that basically says we need to go rescue a friends dad from rising flood waters…

so myself, captain argyle, captain grim, captain bardock, adin, and cat, head east to packwood, only breaking the speed limit all of the time…


there’s something to be said for . . . → Read More: Forty days and forty nights…

building the palace… (part 006)

so things have been crazy lately, with real life, moving the warbasaur, getting my house ready for winter, lots of client activity, etc…

but i figured i had enough for another update, so here we go 🙂

all the roof rafter reinforcement and trimming is now finished:

the above is the rear corner above . . . → Read More: building the palace… (part 006)

vote lemmings vote!

was just asked “if this is debunked why is there still a lawsuit pending?” and “a birth certificate verified in 2001 is not a legitimate birth certificate…” concerning obama’s right to run for office.

people are stupid. *sigh*

one does not need to be “right” to sue. in an age when dirty politics is the . . . → Read More: vote lemmings vote!

building the palace… (part 005)

so today was all about the pocket door to the garage:

and reinforcing the rest of the roof:

and removing the trusses all the way to the back of the room:

the neighbors would have had serious issue with me using the angle grinder at 12:30 am, so the final trim will . . . → Read More: building the palace… (part 005)

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