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American Values

someone said once that we could fight a 10 front war if necessary, but that 8 would be nuclear…

i think that number is way too small. take the total number of countries in the world, and subtract one. that is how many fronts we are prepared to fight on, if necessary.

the threat we pose to the world is real and it is credible. there are two things and only two things which keep whole nations from being wiped off the face of earth by the fearsome power of america:
1) the friendship of other peoples to america, and
2) the forebearance of the american people.

it is not for want of power that the usa does not simply impose its will on the entire earth. it is the values of the american people, values like believing in the intrinsic value of human life, values like believing in the authority of the individual person over the choices they make, that hold back american power.

our friends share our values and have nothing to fear. our enemies know our values, and use them against us. but our values are more important to us than our power. those who who thirst only for power know this, but they don’t understand it.

in 1946, the us portion of the global domestic product was 50%. in the past 60 years, we have enthusiastically forfeited 1/2 of our economic dominance, even while becoming ever more rich.

it is our belief that wealth is not limited, rather it is built and created by free peoples. we have no fear of losing even more of our share of the world economic product, because we do not believe other people becoming wealthy threatens our own wealth. in fact, we want others to have a stake in the world. because those who have something to lose are less likely to put it at risk in war.

if our goal was only power, then we certainly have the power to have our way in the world. but our goal is not our power, but empowering each individual on the face of the earth to pursue life, liberty, and happiness according to their own choices without threatening others.

nevertheless, the threat we maintain is real. it is serious. and those who ignore it do so at their own peril. he is correct. we will never surrender.
— end of line —

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1 comment to American Values

  • I’ve been working on developing my own ideas and thoughts about war and the war machine. I like what you had to say and plan on taking it into concideration.

    I’m still thinking long and hard on this subject. I want to have an opinion but I feel like I don’t have enough facts to base my ideas on. My perceptions are off.

    Thanks again

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