on the subject of “beth” … (kiss, 1976)

the statement was:
“Auntie Luaithrend’s question of the day (inspired by an earworm started by a very annoying commercial): when the band KISS recorded the song “Beth,” which was a mega-hit and went to #1 on the charts, was that a total sell-out or was it genius-level marketing? Discuss!

my reply was:
while it may not be “cool” to know who kiss is, pretty much anyone over the age of 20 knows who they are, if only because internet. 🙂
i would hardly call “beth” a sellout.

it was pretty much the first “metal band does a ballad” that i know of, (’76 i think) … it’s on “destroyer”, and the b side of “detroit rock city”.

it was definitely a door opener though. it’s still their highest charting single. (#7 on billboard’s hot 100)

it’s also #3 in vh1’s 25 greatest power ballads.

there’s a lot of jokes in rock n roll that revolve around “there’s only one drummer that’s allowed to sing” (levon helm from “the band”) ’cause most people don’t know this track is actually kiss drummer peter criss (who wrote this song, pre kiss)

(peter criss was the only kiss member in the studio when it was recorded, fyi)

the “unplugged” version is the entire band.

if i remember correctly, it ended up on the album in spite of paul and gene not wanting it there, due to manager insistence.



brilliant marketing?
they actually use kiss as an example when teaching marketing.
the marketing genius of kiss (seriously)

i think my favorite kiss track is actually “domino”

rock on 🙂

one thing to remember, is that americans have a soft spot for songs like “beth”

“musician on the road” songs.
we are car and road trip culture.
we are rock n roll.

ask your favorite dj… (mine is dave daschofsky, aka dj akuma)

… there is not a bar anywhere in the world that almost every patron will not know every word, (and usually sing along off key (since they aren’t an alto tenor) to arguably the most famous of “musician on the road” songs …

bet all’y’all already know the song i’m talking about, lol.
you know, this one:



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