life just gives you material…

it never ceases to amaze me how life just gives you material…

i have a personal theory about how fate, karma, and lady luck seem to take an excessive interest in my life…
but when i keep them entertained life is good to me …

so i spent the weekend in b’ham again, (i’ve got a permanent room rented at the cathouse now) and i spent sat night at the manor as usual. kinda scary how many people from livejournal came up and introduced themselves and thanked me for my post in the bellingham community… we’re everywhere πŸ™‚

… had a good time. got to see the other side of an overstressed jock’s mentality, and, well, i’m glad i never was into sports much in school. (only thing i played in high school was rugby πŸ™‚ … nice guy actually, just a bad head space sorta thing.

i *really* don’t miss being a teenager. i mean, it was cool at the time, but i wouldn’t want to do it again.

*snicker* about 5am tony tells me i tripped him back in 9th grade when we were roller skating at ferndale’s roller rink.. (that brings back some memories eh?) and how he had an issue with me for a long time over it…. i’m like “umm.. dude, i was never that much of a dickhead, and i don’t remember you at all till like, tbh…”

so he starts bringing up all this shit i haven’t thought about in years… it was scary. that man remembers *everything*.
he knows too much, i’m going to have to kill him now πŸ™‚ and i really don’t remember him being there for any of it.
*sigh* my brains are going soft. :/

had a good time at the manor tho. had to deal with one of those drunks that gets really stupid and doesn’t remember he’s being a dumbass, which was all sorts of fun… but having a beautiful redhead look at me, throw out both her arms, and go “tasty!!!” was worth it >:) … okay, she was after the stuff in my drinking horn, but it was *still* fun >:)

oddly enough, i found 2 missing pieces in my “team puzzle” that i’m trying to work out… (my business team needs 2 more people to be complete and function the way i need it to.. found both of them right under my nose.. at the manor of all places. heh.. scary thought if you look at it too long. >:)

i’m tired.
very tired.
my business ( is doing well.. my new project ( is coming along nicely, my new lady treats me better than i deserve, and life should be all sorts of good.

but i’m burning out. i can feel it..
i had a nightmare in perl the other night for chrissakes.. i mean come on. a #! is not supposed to be terrifying.

it’s not suppose to be 20 ft tall and wielding a giant % and shooting * ‘s at you on full auto out of it’s gun barrels on the # either.
or trying to crush you with a giant ! now that i think about it.

i finally killed it when i found the secret room with the +10 sanguine module of /dev/nul

i *really* need a vacation.

going through some team changes, which are making life *quite* interesting.
it’s all good though. i’m kicking myself for not retiring 3 years ago, but, well, i’d be bored silly.
bailey and chris just told me i have a living room again.
wow. it’s been years. (it’s been stacked to the ceiling with excess and surplus computer gear for the past 4 years, as we basically turn a 1 bedroom 600 sq ft house into an 1500 square ft 4 bedroom with a datacenter.)
he’s a damned good worker, and she’s great at organization.. i’m really glad to have ’em to be honest πŸ™‚
— end of line —


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2 Responses

  1. normalgrrl says:

    i know just what you mean about not wanting to do the teen years over again,
    i just had a conversation about that yesterday with my hubby, so it’s funny i saw this today on a post to someone we have on our lists. πŸ™‚
    i have great memories…but i was a very lost child as a teen!

    • Sylverstone says:

      this past couple years i’ve been aying things like “when i was your age…” and “if i knew then what i know now…” *sigh* .. your memories make you who you are, so i wouldn’t take back any of it..
      but it coulda been better πŸ™‚
      — end of line —

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