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a child of five could understand this! fetch me a child of five!

being me is so … interesting sometimes…
it’s 4 am, i can’t sleep, so here i am messing with something that i never thought i’d touch in a million years. yes, i haz a blog. heh 🙂

funny how life is like that. a month ago i was up to my eyeballs in the paganality project, and eating and sleeping perl / php / mysql, a couple cases of dew a day, and that was pretty much all it was about. now i’m on a non stop vacation…

or as a sticker on the back of a lovely young lady’s van says “the world is going to hell and i’m driving the bus” … funny it’s on a friend of mines bedroom door too. (conspiracy theory anyone? >:)

then an old friend asks me to drop by his place… and then i get sucked into this whirlwind that has yet to stop … a whole slew of new friends, meeting some old ones, and *poof* it’s like i’m 20 again.

it’s been a long long time since i was welcomed with open arms by that many people.
kinda thought about doin’ something nice as a token of my appreciation, but if i do that then i have to explain why, and that’s so utterly complex that it’ll take years to explain.

i suppose that’s what this blog thing is all about isn’t it? cause now they know, and i’m just talking to my machine after all.

yeah. i know, sick huh? took me about 5 minutes to do a speech to text setup, so now i can just babble into my blog. 🙂

… of course, while was tinkering with the settings it dumped all the lyrics to hieroglyphics – at the helm into it … ah the wonders of technology.. don’t get me started.


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