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born to mack.

I love it! chaneecat just got a phone call from her ex, basically an fyi about my “behavior” at autumn war. you think all’y’all would have better things to do with your time.

I just felt i needed to comment here, since this is, well, kinda funny.

1) yes, i had 3 women at autumn war.

2) yes it was at the same time.

3) yes, my lovely chaneecat was there, and quite involved. she did help pick them out after all.

4) yes, i find it absolutely hilarious that of the 3 women that chose to rat me out about it, none of them bothered to get names, and none of them recognized the redheads, one of whom was chaneecat.

5) the message was delivered as “two of the three that snitched saw it with their own eyes”.
as i know for a fact that 2 of them weren’t there, it makes me wonder what all’y’all think you’re up to.

6) do you *really* think that if i didn’t have permission, that i would use my stretched triple axle limo van to facilitate this? i mean, i understand i’m not exactly mr subtle, but you could at least give me a little credit.

7) unless of course you’re talking about the night before, which was two of the same people, just in my tent.

/me wanders off humming a wenching we will go, a wenching we will go….
— end of line —

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