life, the universe, and hot tubs…

so i got to meet kitters, highndry, and cheapdialogue over at kitters‘ place last night. heh. i think i’ve created a monster. >:) … but rumple minze and hot chocolate are my favorite “comfy” drink.. so of course i had to share … *snicker* >:)

fixing the hot tub wasn’t a big deal. just had to replace a melted side of the heater housing with new pipe, so i ground it flat, sleeved it, and it was all good. highndry is a pleasure to work with πŸ™‚

(i have a tendency to not want to procrastinate and waste time on a project, so someone who’s okay with that, to me, is a pleasure to work with… especially when they know enough about “stuff in general” that they can follow my ideas without having to go to college first … πŸ™‚

kitters, i must say, is a wonderful hostess, not to mention an an excellent cook.
(i’m predominantly a carnivore, so the concept of “potato and leek soup” sounds like “oh no i’m going to starve” to me … but it was actually *quite* good, and, well, highndry‘s a lucky guy.. all that and she can cook too.. *low whistle*.

so gothkittyn, azrayel, shadowpixie and myself are all going to go start a hot tub party over there later on this evening, since with rustycon and 12th night, the manor will probably be deadsville.

woo, my breakfast is done..
— end of line —


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  1. Another one bites the dust

    I bought a bottle of Rumpleminz this afternoon. I’ve actually had it before, but not in hot chocolate. The combination sounds far beyond yummy.

    My in-laws buy a big bottle of it every Xmas season. They keep it in the freezer, and sip it straight from the bottle whenever the urge strikes. Gooooood stuff.


  2. magikgrrl says:

    Wish I could have been there! I love hanging out at Kitters and HighnDry’s house.

  3. Just thought I would say hello and meet more people in town πŸ™‚

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