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Mounting root from ufs:/dev/idad0s1a

so i’ve spent the last 3 days trying to get freebsd 4.7-stable running on 2 different machines here.
the first is a dual ppro 200 proliant 2500 server.

this is like the baby brother of the proliant 5000 that Paganality.com runs on.
(under freebsd 4.5-stable)

so imagine my surprise when it didn’t work.
not only did it not work, it did so with a vengeance :/

single processor works fine, multi doesn’t :/

so finally i got totally frustrated with it, and set it aside (i wanted to throw it out the window).

hey, i have a proliant 6000 that’s got 4 processors in it, and it’s newer so it should work fine! yeah!
(22 hours later)
so this one works in single processor mode, but locks up at “Mounting root from ufs:/dev/idad0s1a” when multiprocessor is enabled.

this kinda hardware is too expensive to throw out the window, so i think i’m going to just take a break and leave it alone.

life is going pretty well. hot tub is almost done, the deck is almost done, and life is just kinda on cruise control for the winter.

another friend of mine, through example, reminded me why i don’t do business with friends, since he didn’t do the work he said he was going to, *after* i paid him. i guess i should realize that most people in the world don’t live by their word, and in fact the value of their word is shit. *shrug* life goes on i guess. it’s hard sometimes to believe the best in people, when it’s so easy to just discard all of them.

so yeah, not much going on here.

i thought this was funny http://www.speakeasy.org/~rylandpage/dew.jpg

anyway, yeah, so life they say is going on, i however need a break from it, so i’m going to curl up with a pretty girl and a good book and take a long needed nap.
— end of line —

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