That which does not kill me had better run pretty damn fast.

so gothkittyn and luna are sleepin, and i’m sitting here thinking about how entertained the goddess (and karma, lady luck, fate, etc) must be, since they have been so good to me lately.

we decided to keep the crash pad in bellingham (i’m paying for it) since we’re most likely going to spend weekends there, and, well, a hotel room is, at best, 50 a night, and i don’t like to get up before noon on Sunday, so we’re saving 3-400 a month over a motel room. works for me. i’m going to have to pull a t1 in and get some machines in up there.. probably start on it next weekend.

last night, when gothkittyn and i got home from kitters’ place, i was shown a livejournal of someone i considered a friend of mine, and i think i’m hurt. i mean, if i have a problem with someone, or what they’re doing, or their guests, i go straight to the source. .. not that my business related decisions are any of their business anyway, but i *really* thought better of them than that.

and i most assuredly don’t post it public on the internet.

enough of that.

a big huzzah! to kitters, super hostess, for allowing us to have such a nice gathering at her place.
had a great time, it was cozy .. hot cocoa, peppermint schnapps, kitters, highndry, shadowpixie, leftyrok, magikgrrl, her lord, myself and gothkittyn all in the hot tub πŸ™‚ …

azrayel (my secretary) and cheapdialogue stayed out of the tub, but seemed to have a good time anyway..

it’s been a *very* interesting year so far. and even if it all goes bad from here it’s going to beat the hell out of 2001. πŸ™‚
— end of line —


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  1. skiterlady says:


    No update in days, and here I am waiting!

    I’m glad you had a good time at our place last week. Azrayel and cheapdialogue don’t know what they missed, I don’t think. πŸ˜‰

    Hope you have a good weekend.

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