then gravity came down on him like a great soft hand with bones of ancient stone…

so we finally set up a paganality rc5 cracking team.
mostly because i’m a geek, and i was supplying well over half of the blocks for the team i was on…, so it made sense to me.

i just had an old friend ask me if she could camp with us at events. i was kinda surprised she felt she needed to ask..

i’ve made an amazing number of life decisions lately. all in all for the best i think. πŸ™‚
— end of line —


I am a maker. My favorite thing is adventure. I am restoring a 1956 greyhound scenicruiser to adventure in. I run the pd-4501 / scenicruiser registry. Stalk me: (Google Plus), (Facebook).

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4 Responses

  1. zxnaithfaery says:

    because I wanted to hear you say it was alright πŸ™‚

    Just missed hangin with you, I’ve been missing all the fun. I also asked to be polite, I would have felt odd walking up and pitching my tent amongst everyone without first asking if it was ok. I have manners… well most of the time. πŸ™‚

    But thank you hon. It’s nice to know that I am welcome.

  2. pussinboots says:

    I think I was on one of those RC5 teams before. Fat lot of good it did, since I had a 386sx and an external 14.4 modem *snicker* Somehow I don’t think I was keeping up πŸ˜›

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