Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?

heh. i remember this song from when the woman downstairs used to play it incessantly…
to the point i learned all the words to it by time i was 7. I must admit i really like the remake.

*sigh* been a long time since i posted anything here.. been crazy busy or out of commission…
i sprained my si joint on my left side probably 3 weeks ago, and just now i’m finally able to do something other than lie on my right side with a pillow between my knees and a bunch of painkillers in my bloodstream.

if you ever want to wish something nasty on someone, this is the one.
basically your sciatic nerves run right through there, so spraining your si joint is like, constant pain for weeks. things like “gee, all the muscles in my leg just cramped up and my foot fell asleep, and i know it’s nothing is actually wrong with my leg, it’s just my nerves telling it there is” ugh.

so i screwed myself up, and i really don’t know how…
I show up at the cathouse, and my back hurts, so i throw myself at the mercy of kitters and highndry, and go for a long soak in the hot tub, while sending chris (transported by kitters) to find me a back belt and food. not fun.

myself and a few others end up at the manor sat night. i spent the evening sitting in a chair. (well, sorta sitting, as the whole si thing made sitting a pain) … by Sunday morning i was in major pain, and Monday morning i end up in rocky levitt’s office. (thinking a chiropractor would be a good idea) i hurt so bad that i’m not terribly sure who was with me, but i think it was gothkittyn, and chris. rocky adjusts my spine, and says i’ll be fine, see him in a few days.

the next morning i’m in really bad shape, and rocky is closed on tuesdays.
so gothkittyn, hirtzenocker, chaneecat, and myself end up in dr hansen’s office. he’s not messin around. does a thermal image scan of my back, and xrays and the works.

thermal scan said that i was in and that the heat traces were showing a little irritation around 3 vertebrae, but they were the ones rocky levitt had adjusted, and said it was normal (less than 3 degrees difference) the scan procedure had me sitting up straight, for 120 seconds. about 10 seconds into it i was hurting *bad* in my left leg, from my ankle to my hip. me screaming in pain is not something i’m terribly fond of.

then we took 2 x rays of my lower back / pelvis. took 2 minutes for the front shot, 10 for the side shot because 8 of that was the time i spent on the floor fighting down the pain so i could stand back up. felt like a week.

the x rays clearly show my left si joint is unhappy.

back to the table.

i collapsed onto it, (literally) and ended up with the left side of me flat and straight, and the right side (uninjured) had my foot flat on the floor and my knee almost touching my chest. this was actually comfortable after a minute or two.

he then (when i could) had me roll over on my back, took the bad leg, put the knee over his shoulder, and pulled down on the hip joint. and the pain stopped.

diagnosis : sprained si joint.

that night it got bad again, went back to rocky on Wednesday, (on dr hansen’s suggestion) and he checked my back, made a minor adjustment, and that was that. i hurt worse when i got back to the house than i did when i had left, so we bagged the chiropractor thing completely.

this was all a week or 2 ago.. :/

gothkittyn, and chaneecat, spent the rest of the week taking care of me, and while i kinda like to be pampered, i hurt too much to really make it worth it :/ by the following Monday i was okay to drive, sorta, so i came home.

Friday i had to go to bellingham for an important meeting, and since i could hobble around a bit for short distances, chris and myself made the run to bellingham.

sat night i end up over at kitters and highndry ‘s again.. this time i get to meet dracomiss, heh. i’m sure i made a wonderful first impression. (i’m not terribly great at conversation when i’m injured, it’s the whole add thing) …

anyway, special thanks to kitters for being the hostess with the mostess 🙂

so now life sucks.
i can’t have foods with acids in them, (no orange juice, tomato anything, etc) no caffeine, no cocoa and schnapps.. i’m going to die i think. :/

i can sit fine in my office chair (herman miller aeron) all day long as long as it’s leaned back at 45 degrees or so and my feet are on my desk.
i’m doing 400 mg ibuprofen every 6 hours, 600 mg ibuprofen, 3 eyedroppers full of valerian root and 600 mg of st johns wort, just before bed so i can sleep.

and that’s where i’m at now.

this is starting to piss me off.

but hey, at least i managed to update my journal.
— end of line —


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