backup your sprint htc hero…

so when i was running android 1.5 on my sprint htc hero, my phone was being retarded, and saving all the contacts to the phone, as a “phone contact” and not actually backing them up to google contacts.

having had sprint lose all my contacts once (samsung instinct) I wasn’t about to play this game again…
(i got lucky then, i have a friend in their netops section that retrieved them from the server for me, but it still pissed me off)

anyway, so here we go…
plug your phone into your computer via usb cable, on your phone tell it “mount as disk drive”
on your computer, open windows explorer (or view contents in windows explorer if windows asked)

make a folder on your harddrive, call it !_hero_backup_! or something equally appropriate.

make sure you can see that folder in the left pane of windows explorer, and in the right window you want the contents of your sd card.

click on the right side, press “control a” (hold down the control key and press the a key) to highlight all, then click your left mouse button
on the highlighted area, holding the left mouse button down, drag it to the !_hero backup_! folder you made, and let go of the left button.

this should copy your entire sd card to the computers harddrive.

hold down the shift key when you do it if you want to *move* the files.

your pictures live in \DCIM\100MEDIA\ if you’re looking for just them.

once that’s finished, login to your gmail account and compare your contact list with your phone.
if they’re all there, great, you’re done 🙂

if they aren’t, it means your contact sync isn’t working.

if your phone is running android 1.5 (settings / about phone / software i think) chances are all the contacts in your phone are not “google” contacts.

contactsync from happydroid (it’s in the app market, and free) will fix this for the most part. download it and run it, then resync.

if, after you run the app, it still doesn’t do it, go take a hard look at the *first missing entry* as you compare your phone with google contacts.
it is most likely the culprit, and you’ll probably have to delete it from your phone to get the rest of them to go.

this worked for me.


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