root your sprint htc hero (android 1.5)…

note: these are the instructions for android 1.5. android 2.x rooting instructions are [here]

this operation will require the android SDK (software development kit).
you can download it [here]

extract the files to c:\droidsdk

save yourself some pain and after you extract the files, make sure your tree looks like:

c:\droidsdk\tools (and all the other folders) because it doesn’t unpack that way sometimes.

on your phone, click menu > settings > applications > development and make sure usb debugging is turned on.

plug your phone into your computer via usb.

it should install the drivers automagically.

once you have the SDK installed, open a command prompt (click start, click run, type cmd, hit [enter])

type cd\droidsdk\tools\ and hit [enter]
type adb devices

it should reply with the serial number of your phone.

if it doesn’t, reinstall the drivers.

if you are rooting to flash a custom rom you now want to go [here]

otherwise, download the as2root file [here] and save it to c:\droidsdk\tools\

in your command prompt window type the following lines, hitting [enter] after each one:

adb push asroot2 /data/local/
adb shell chmod 0755 /data/local/asroot2
adb shell
/data/local/asroot2 /system/bin/sh
mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
cd /system/bin
cat sh > su
chmod 4775 su

and you should now have root.


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