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root your sprint htc hero (android 2.x)…

note: these are the instructions for rooting android 2.x. android 1.5 rooting instructions are [here]

so they forced a patch that plugged the root hole in android 2.1, so if you want to flash a custom rom,
you have to jump through a few more hoops…

start by grabbing the pre patch rom [here]

if you don’t have it yet, grab htc sync from [here] and install it

plug your phone into your pc via usb cable.

run the pre patch rom executable.

follow the on screen instructions until you reboot.

when the phone comes back up, it’s going to ask you about an update. tell it *no*, or you’re back where you started.

the rest of this operation will require the android SDK (software development kit).
you can download it [here]

extract the files to c:\droidsdk

save yourself some pain and after you extract the files, make sure your tree looks like:

c:\droidsdk\tools (and all the other folders) because it doesn’t unpack that way sometimes.

on your phone, click menu > settings > applications > development and make sure usb debugging is turned on.

plug your phone into your computer via usb. make sure that the connection type in the notification pull down is “charge only”.

it should install the drivers automagically.

once you have the SDK installed, open a command prompt (click start, click run, type cmd, hit [enter])

type cd \droidsdk\tools\ and hit [enter]
type adb devices and hit [enter]

it should reply with the serial number of your phone.

if it doesn’t, reinstall the drivers.

once you get the proper response from your command prompt, grab the root kit [here] and unzip it to c:\droidsdk\tools\

in your command prompt window:
adb push unrevoked /sdcard and hit [enter]
adb push recovery.img /sdcard and hit [enter]
adb push boot-patched.zip /sdcard and hit [enter]

now we root it:

type adb shell and hit [enter]

it should reply with $

type sh /sdcard/unrevoked and hit [enter]

it should give you a screen full of ascii text and a # prompt.

go to your apps menu on your phone, you should see a “superuser” application.
run it, you should see a blank screen.

on your computer, in the command prompt window, type su and hit [enter]
a prompt will appear on your hero asking you to give /system/bin/sh superuser access. tell it yes.

your command prompt should say:

$ su

now type flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img and hit [enter]

your command prompt should say:

# flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img
flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

type reboot recovery and hit [enter]

your phone will now reboot into the recovery image you just flashed to it.

in the recovery menu on your phone, choose “flash zip from sdcard”

then select “boot-patched.zip”

and press the home button to apply the changes.

once Recovery says “install from sdcard complete”, you should probably make a nandroid backup…

in the recovery menu, select “backup/restore” and then select “nand backup”.

it saves the backup in /sdcard/nandroid/(your serial number)/

you need to disable the ota updates or you will lose root on the next update.

that is done in your command prompt.

type cd C:\droidsdk\tools and hit [enter]
type adb remount and hit [enter]
type adb shell and hit [enter]
type mv /system/etc/security/otacerts.zip /system/etc/security/otacerts.zip.bak and hit [enter]

this does not prevent the updates from downloading, but they will fail their signature checks and will not install.

welcome to root 🙂

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