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building the palace … (part 001)

so today i finally got some time to get some work done…
we start with shanghai’ing some help to tow my trailer, loaded with doors and windows, home from the bonney lake lowes… (i didn’t have the van with me, having dropped the girl off at the airport earlier in the day):

after a bit of 4 wheel drive adventure in the yard, i took the right side wall:

The right side wall and front corner:

and the front wall:

and had a bit of a discussion with them, about how i didn’t really care for their aesthetics…
yes, i used a big hammer:

(carol, argyle, and caris, all wondering what’s going to happen when the girl finds out what i’m doing to her house) 🙂

and of course, giant spiders to make things interesting:

and while i was at it, i took care of this:

which is about 18″ across, and looks like a nicely marbled boulder.
it’s not. trust me. it’s actually the top of a huge underground nest that contains a giant swarm of these:

all sorts of bad news, but my kung-foo is strong…

so, the slaughter of thousands upon thousands of airborne evil later, i built a couple vertical supports…:

to mount the new doors:

as it was getting dark, the left window went in.


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