building the palace… (part 002)

so this morning, i checked on the hornet nest of doom.
still appears to be dead.  (good thing that)
then bryan and i had to redesign the battery box for the fleet jewelers castle, as the plan i had didn’t survive contact with the enemy…
(the batteries were too tall for the space we need to put them, so we had to change how they were mounted)
and then i finished up the left window, installed the right, and finished reinforcing the vertical wall supports:

this is actually a lot more complicated than it looks, as i’m squaring up and leveling the existing structure (the garage wasn’t square, plumb, or level when i started this) as i replace pieces, and this wall was a large portion of that process.

i tore apart and rebuilt the kitchen in the fleet jewelers castle today.
ikea awesomeness for the win 🙂

also tore out another wall:

moving all the construction materials back inside as it started to rain…

i also got to tear apart a filing cabinet for the fleet jewelers castle…

i had to shorten it about 8″ to make it fit in the space it needs to be, but it’s going to work great when it’s done 🙂

there’s something about using an angle grinder that makes me smile. 🙂

i also had the dubious pleasure of putting in additional roof beams before i cut the trusses out… (still a lot of junk up there, but i have nowhere to put it yet, so i have to work around it).

the vaulted ceilings are going to be a major pain in the butt, but they’ll really open the place up…

sorry for the quality of the pic, it’s dark up there, and my phone can only do so much:

then comes the big window…

this one was a serious pain due to the size. (it’s 8 feet long and 4 feet high)

to give you an idea (fun with lasers):

next up, finishing the “corner of major annoyance”, as this is where most of the errors in the original structure are being rectified. (raising one wall a bit, and lowering the other, and leveling the roof… oh joy:

more soon.


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