building the palace… (part 003)

so today was all about structure… πŸ™‚

i put in the two “center of the room” vertical supports and the bed hangars and bed decking in.

this is one of the vertical support beams that captures the rafters. (the right side rafters are going to be removed later so i can vault the ceilings):

here’s a better picture of the top of it:

here is the other vertical support beam. (you can see the previous one to the right of it):

you can also see the first of the corner hangars.

here is a good top shot of that same beam, showing the roof beams that were added to support the bed cantilever:

here is a picture of both the vertical supports, and the side hangars for the bed:

here is the first three of the bed hangars:

when they are done it will allow me to remove all the center rafters over the bed.

here’s a different angle with five of them in:

here is all seven of them, looking up (i’m standing on the floor of the garage side) you can see that i’ve used most of the wasted space above the garage door for sleeping area in the design:

next, i’m going to put the siding back on the house, and cut out all the rafters.


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