building the palace… (part 004)

so today i was feelin’ a bit destructive…

today i pulled out the excess rafter pieces and finished putting the bed platform together…:

which opened up the space rather dramatically:

this is what you see standing in the french doors:

and what you see from above looking at the french doors:

part of the fun was cutting the truss plates with a 7″ angle grinder, so i could get in there with the skillsaw… these are the sleeping platform hangars on the garage side. there are 14 3 1/2″ deck screws in each one of those hangars, and there are a total of 8 on this side. this operation was a royal pain in the butt:

but not nearly as bad as the ones along the top of the trusses. you can see in this photo that i’m using most of the unused space above the garage door (the opener track is a couple inches from the platform hangars) for the sleeping area, and lofting the sleeping area frees up a huge amount of floorspace.

.. that and i’ve always liked tree houses πŸ™‚

here’s another shot of the wall with the french doors in it, from on top of the sleeping platform:

and another:

as you can see, it really opened the place up.

here is a view of the sleeping platform from the top of the ladder on the garage side:

you can see where i had to cut the metal rafter plates to get the trussing out. using an angle grinder upside down and backwards at eye level sucks. :/

the air conditioner was the first thing i did on this project actually, but up until now you couldn’t see it terribly well. the horizontal 2×4 in this picture is actually the top of where the 8′ long 2′ high window is going, but i had to do some tricky skillsaw work to get it in there without weakening this wall while i did the rest of the room. the idea was the ac would keep the place cool while we were working on the rest of it, but it’s sweltering up there. it’s an 8,000 btu unit, with remote control even, but until the room is insulated it isn’t nearly big enough to do the job, so we left the tops of the walls open for ventilation until all the heavy cutting work is done.

the wire you see strung around is actually the fluorescent lights that were hanging from the rafters i removed. the previous owner hardwired them, and did a poor job at best (tripped a breaker earlier today when i bumped one of them) the wiring is all getting redone in the next couple days, along with the pocket door and finishing the divider wall.



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