building the palace… (part 006)

so things have been crazy lately, with real life, moving the warbasaur, getting my house ready for winter, lots of client activity, etc…

but i figured i had enough for another update, so here we go πŸ™‚

all the roof rafter reinforcement and trimming is now finished:

the above is the rear corner above the pocket door (the big beam the extension cord is wrapped around is the pocket door header)

then came the electrical outlets.
2 double boxes upstairs, and 2 double boxes where the desk goes, and 5 single boxes placed in strategic locations around the room.

one of the double boxes in the loft, and one by the desk are on a separate circuit that runs into the garage. in the garage it plugs into the wall for now.

the plan is that one of my 1400va apc ups with a pair of deep cycle truck batteries will be going between the plug and the wall (in the garage), so 4 outlets in the loft, and 4 by the desk will have industrial grade surge suppression, and battery backup that will last, with the router, network switch, and the computer for something like 48 hours.

there’s also a box in the ceiling for a ceiling fan/light combination.

then comes the insulation fun:

and the sleeping loft is insulated (you can see the outlet boxes as well, the one on the right is the circuit on the battery backup):

and for those of you who wondered what that horizontal 2×4 on the wall under the air conditioner was for:

now you know πŸ™‚
the window for that space is 8′ long and 2′ high. with a 4′ long panel dead center, and 2′ x 2′ panels on the ends that open by the bottom cranking outwards. this will allow the loft windows to be open all the time without the rain coming in (they’re up under the eaves as well, so there won’t be much anyway)

in the above image you can see we’ve made a huge amount of progress on the drywall (some of which is problematic, being 15′ off the floor)

in this picture you can see the ends of the trusses:

i’m going to use them, with some spiffy fittings, to hang a double row of hardback bookshelves above the doors and windows on that wall.

the orientation of the trusses and the design of them made these very hard to remove, so i’m retasking them to something useful πŸ™‚

it’s coming along nicely πŸ™‚


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