building the palace… (part 007)

alternate title: “i hate drywall”.

so things are coming along slowly, but they are indeed coming along. battery backup circuits are finished, and hot, so we have at least one circuit of power outlets that work.

(the other circuit has several outlets that need to be wired, but we can’t do them yet because of materials leaning against the walls blocking access, etc.)

the original wiring has been decommissioned and removed,

(i feel a lot better now that the wiring is done right)

and the mud and tape process is well underway:

the above image shows the bed loft finally taking shape… and this one:

gives y’all an idea of where the pocket door is going.
the right side wall is going to be drywalled over, and the attic access will be moved to the other side of the new wall.

if anyone has any suggestions on how to pretty up the chimney, i’m all ears. i have some ideas, but i’d like to see what all’y’all have to say. it is my intent to put a small potbellied woodstove in here using same said chimney.

onward and upwards,


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