building the palace… (part 008)

alternate title: “covering up a thousand sins…”

so this installment has nothing to do with the palace i am building in the garage…

i couldn’t stand the smoke stains on the walls and ceiling (from the previous owners lack of upkeep or lack of ability to properly use a fireplace i have no idea) so something had to be done about it.

i don’t have any before pictures, but trust me it was nasty. reminded me of smokers teeth.

jasper had removed the one remaining piece of tacky vertical striped wood paneling by the fireplace, and the walls were not coming clean (the texture was trying to come off first) so we painted over it.

3 hours of pulling nails and filling holes, and another couple hours masking and we were ready to go…

kilz has this really neat paint that goes on kinda pink, dries eggshell white, and covers ills like makeup on an old hooker.

it’s designed for this kind of work.

using a 3/4″ nap roller, (kinda like using a mop :), we did 4 coats on the ceiling, 3 coats on all the walls… burned through almost 7 gallons of the stuff.

then comes the fun…

after an hour of messing with color choices, we settled on olympic’s mandarin orange and poppy orange:

yeah, that’s totally a lie. the girl picked it.

… and while i had my reservations on it, she’s got a very good eye for color, as you’ve seen if you have been to the house… (the pictures don’t do it justice at all)

we painted the entire living room with 2 coats of mandarin orange, then we used a faux stone paint roller to apply the poppy over the top of it for the living room.

then we did the kitchen in solid poppy.

the effect is very warm and quite awesome, but took a long time to apply…


my cellphone camera really doesn’t do it justice.
still need to hand paint all the thermostat housings and wall plates to match the 1001 arabian knights theme we seem to be shooting for…

onwards and upwards. πŸ™‚


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