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building tuck’s trailer… (part 004)

so tuck’s utility trailer is coming along nicely…

here’s the decking going on… (gorilla glue and screws for the win 🙂

note the glue and screw blocks that are bolted to the frame:

here we’re fitting the pressure treated vertical back piece and the back deck:

and here we’re cutting the side walls:

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building tuck’s trailer… (part 003)

so once the dew drop’s kitchen was painted, (for now, it’s getting a second coat) it was time to move on to the important stuff (to tuck, our host for this circus…)

remember that little trailer i was hacking on last time? well, it got some spiffy new holes cut in it…

because while . . . → Read More: building tuck’s trailer… (part 003)

building tuck’s trailer… (part 002)

so today was all about seeing things in the light of day, and shopping for paint and the little things…

first stop was home depot, who was next to useless for what i had in mind… followed by lowes, who wasn’t much better. lowes used to have what i was after (direct to metal industrial . . . → Read More: building tuck’s trailer… (part 002)

building tuck's trailer… (part 001)

alternate title: recycling pirate for the win…

so my buddy tuck had this pretty thrashed rv trailer that he acquired from somewhere (family i think) … anyway, as i’ve built a whole whack of trailers for eventing, merchanting, etc, he asked me… 🙂

i didn’t have a whole lot of time to help with the . . . → Read More: building tuck's trailer… (part 001)