new loot for my new place…

so as many of you know, i’m hunting for a new piece of property…

i want a bigger house, land, and an epic shop. 🙂

… so i fell into a screaming deal on a bunch of stuff for my new place.

the more eagle eyed of you will realize what a lot of this is…

thank you to tuck, chad, aiden and dave for helping me move all of it…

first load:

that’s most of the furniture, the custom filing cabinet, and the big box of doom 🙂

the second load:

the fridge and freezer in these pics are both from the 50’s. the air intakes on the freezer look like a chrome grill, and they both look like cadillac built ’em.. (and weigh like it too 🙁 heh 🙂 … that dresser is older than i am, lots of sweet antiques… 🙂

sad state of affairs i suppose that i have *nowhere* to put them other than long term storage:

26 pieces of furniture total, and most of it is gorgeous…
(the green dresser i’m on the fence about, it’s really nice wood, but i think it’s worth more if i don’t strip it and refinish it… i need to decide if i’m going to keep it or not first…)

yeah, so i’m sick of moving stuff 🙂


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