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talkin’ bout my benzo… (before)

So once upon a time, a friend of mine told me they had ended up with a car that had been abused a bit, but that I may be interested in…

So it’s a “C” class Mercedes.

It looked pretty rough, but the price wasn’t bad, so I figured what the heck, why not?

Now keep in mind that for the most part I had no experience with the marque at all, and the plan was buy it, do the bodywork on it, and sell it, because it had very low miles for it’s age.

For the most part I never understood why someone would spend that kind of money on a car they didn’t build themselves, or didn’t have “Hemi Cuda Convertible” in the name somewhere.

Yeah, that whole “I don’t get it” thing lasted until the first time I drove it, and the whole “I’m going to sell it” thing vanished when the girl at the espresso stand said it matched my eyes. 🙂

Later that day, two other women that I love and admire told me the same thing, cementing the “I’m keepin’ it” for good.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my new grocery getter…

These are the before pics:

some of the scuffing is sorta explainable, but the dent in the passenger door boggles me a bit.

and then of course you have the front bumper cover that no longer fits properly, due to impact, and a thumbprint sized missing paint / rusty spot on the hood a couple inches from the ornament… (yeah, I have no idea either)

and the bottom of the passenger side doors for the entire length of the car are scraped up pretty bad… but surprisingly not as bent as they look…

the guy who owned it was an idiot apparently (not the folks I got it from, the guy who bought it new)

see what I mean about the dent? it’s *deep*.

and that’s just from being careless in a parking lot, or hitting traffic barrels… dunno.

every single corner on the car is screwed up somehow.. I’ve seen drivers ed cars and new york city cabs that are treated better… but hey, at least the maintenance got done on time all the time. (wouldn’t have believed that except I have the records of it)

at least the trunk lid isn’t messed up…

oh wait, till I get rear ended by a 67 chevy pickup by ft lewis… tempted to kick in the rest of the panels myself.



and more scuffs…

of course, there’s some fun bits to all this… it’s a eurospec car, so it’s damned fast, but importing it is going to be a pain in the ass, and the part where my girlfriend’s roommate asked her who she’d spent the night with, since the Canadian plates were still on it, gave me giggles for weeks…

tires are shot, interior is filthy, computer is complaining about all sorts of things…

(to be continued)

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